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Rick McKenaManage My Things was the brainchild of founder Rick McKenna who has always been labeled by his wife and colleagues as “organizationally challenged.” He was looking for an app to organize some things at home to update his estate plan and found nothing. So instead of doing what he was supposed to be doing, that is working on his estate plan, he brainstormed some URLs and decided there was a business opportunity here. Manage My Things was born. He reached out to an app development team, Outright Development, he had worked with them before when he was president of a Boston-based based advertising and digital media agency. He called his friend and designer Lisa Mannix to work on a logo.
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And then the much-needed due diligence kicked in and Rick surveyed 250 people in the US and UK including homeowners as well as insurance executives, estate and trust attorneys, and financial advisers about the concept. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, so an advisory board was created and for the next 18 months the product evolved from an idea on PowerPoint slides to reality. The product became more robust with features to solve insurance, estate planning and downsizing challenges. The technology is complex, but the user experience is intuitive and simple to use. Friend and advisor from EKO4 Global based in the UK created this website and we’re off to the races.

We invite you to subscribe to the app and spread the word to all the organizationally challenged around the world!

Who should subscribe to the Manage My Things mobile app?

Any homeowner with too much stuff

Anyone with aging parents ready for the next phase of life

Large Wealth Management firms urging their clients to get estate plans done

Insurance carriers and brokers wanting to strengthen client relationships and be more transparent

Estate and Trust Attorneys wanting to better serve their clients

Any financial firm exploring ways to digitally connect with the next generation of clients

Professional organizers, moving companies, auction houses and appraisers

For an annual subscription of $9.99 Manage My Things is the easiest way to simplify your life


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*Each subscriber will have their data securely back-up through Amazon Web Services (AWS)


White label opportunities for insurance, estate planning & wealth, trust and financial advisory firms are available. Click here for information: rick@atlanticstrategies.net

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