We love our growing user community as they take responsibility for organizing the things in their lives. Users have different needs, and at different times in their lives, such as preparing their estate plan, taking inventory of the things of value for insurance purposes or helping to downsize the home of an aging parent. If you have specific questions or tips, please use the form at the end of this page, we love your ideas.

Q. Can I use the same app if I have multiple homes?

A. Absolutely. Most of our users tell us they have vacation homes, or they need to manage their parents’ households. We’ve created an easy to use “Toggle Between Homes” feature where you just “add a home” and “name it” and all the “things” and reports will be kept separate from your primary residence.

Q. Will more features be added to the Manage My Things app?

A. Yes! Manage My things is an annual subscription so your images get backed up in the cloud, current features get refined, and new ones will get added over time. Feel free to suggest features at any time by filling out the form below.

Q. I’m changing phones, will I lose my stored data?

A. If you stay within the same “platform”, e.g. iPhone or Android, then you just need to update your new phone and as the App is reloaded, all your data travels with it. If you switch platforms or lose your phone, don’t worry, all user data is backed up on an AWS.

Q. Do my parents, heirs, agents, lawyers, or advisors need to have the Manage My Things App to read my reports?

A. Great question. We’d love for them to subscribe to My Apps! But in reality, they only need to have the ability to receive PDFs via email to receive your reports.

Q. Is there a white label version my company can provide to its clients and agents?

A. Yes. We have a high volume and brandable user program for organizations such as Insurance, Trust, Wealth Management and Banks that wish to provide this important digital tool to their clients or networks of brokers and advisors. Please contact: rick@atlanticstrategies.net

Q. Is it easy to keep my reports updated?

A. Yes! We’re glad you asked. Every time you open the app, the document folders will have a “last accessed” date. If you need to update your things, delete the old images and shoot away!  We recommend you send updated reports to your attorney or insurance broker every year or after you’ve made significant changes to the things in your home.

Q. Is my data secure?

A. We value your privacy but there are always criminals trying to steal data and identities. We recommend following your phone carrier’s recommended privacy settings and keep possession of your phone. We always recommend using 2-factor authentication should your phone ever get lost or stolen. As added protection we back-up your data in the cloud through Amazon Web Services. The data you store in these reports are just images of your “things” and have no intrinsic value. For added protection, we often recommend using encryption products such as LockDown.

Q. Can I take multiple photos of my things at once and then answer the questions later or do I need to go one item at a time?

A. Really good question. There may be situations where taking many photos at once makes sense, such as going through an aging parent’s home where your time or attention is limited. In this type of situation, open the app and use the “Batch” feature. This allows the app to put its initial coding behind the image and then you can return at a later date to finish the questions. To stay focused, we recommend using the app one item at a time, especially as you get used to the app.

Q. Can I change the charities and service providers already pre-programmed in the App?

A. Absolutely. When you sign up you are asked to populate your profile with contacts such as financial adviser, insurance agent, estate planning attorney, etc. You can go into the app at any time and update those contacts.

Q. Can I preview the reports or share them with my heirs for example?

A. Absolutely.  The app allows you to email PDF-based reports to you, or anyone else you choose, so a visual review can take place. We strongly recommend making any changes directly in the App to ensure data is always consistent.

Q. Can I create additional folders beyond what is already provided, e.g. Kitchenwares?

A.  Absolutely. By hitting the folder button on the bottom navigation bar, you’ll see a round, green button with a folder on it. Hit that button, name your new folder and you are good to go. To keep from getting overwhelmed, try to keep folders very general otherwise you’ll overcomplicate your field.  Good luck!

Q. Can I import images from pictures already saved on my phone or do I always have to use the app?

A. We encourage you to use the app as a way to become more familiar with its many features and to help you stay organized. But no two people are alike so you can also take pictures and import them into the app. We even created a “Batch” file in the folder section on the app. We recommend storing imported photos there until you are ready to categorize them.

Q. Are volume discounts for downloads of the app available for businesses and are there any limits?

A. Glad you asked!  There are several programs available including volume discounts, white labeling and “behind the firewall“ distribution. For more information, email us at info@managemythings.com and someone will reach out to you to schedule a Zoom call or in-person meeting.  There are no volume limits.

Q. What are the “Resolution” and “Time Capsule” folders?

A. Unfortunately, families sometimes fight or struggle when settling an estate, often over a family heirloom or something of significant monetary value. Rather than letting that derail the entire estate planning effort and escalate tensions, we recommend isolating those items in the Resolution folder and moving on to other tasks. When they are complete, hopefully cooler heads prevail and the isolated things can be discussed. The “Time Capsule” folder is where the family stories and lore behind special items can be captured and preserved to be shared years and generations later.

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