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Our community of users often have their own ideas to use Manage My Things more efficiently. We like to post them here. Feel free to browse their ideas and we invite and encourage you to submit your own. The more we collectively know the better the product can be. If you have your own tip, please don’t hesitate to send an image along with it. The submission form is at the bottom of this page.

Easy Collaboration

My organized daughter in Boston has a subscription to ManageMyThings. I simply take pictures of the things in my cottage I need managed, email them to her and she does the rest by importing them using the “batch” feature. She even opened a separate house called “Cottage” so my things don’t mix with hers.

(Sheila M, Guilford, CT)


Informing your Attorney/Broker/Advisor

When I first sent a report to my estate planning attorney, he didn’t know about the App.  So, whenever I send updates,  I make sure to include a little cover note to refresh his memory!

Large Collections of Crystal/China

I usually just take a group photo of the entire collection.  No need to shoot each individual piece unless there are special items within the larger collection.

Capturing Memories

I love the “Time Capsule Feature”  When I was 8 my Aunt gave me an entire set of “Colleen Crystal” from Waterford that she collected in her travels while in the Air Force. Many years later I’m thrilled to have the collection, but as I kid, I just wanted a bike!

Digital Tool for My Clients

No matter how hard I push, my clients still make excuses for not getting their Will and Estate Plan done.  I can have my client and the attorney sitting next to each other, checks passed and cleared.  And still there is no progress because the client is overwhelmed by how much stuff they have!  This app saves the day.

Inheriting and Insurance

When my dad passed away I inherited a lot of things from his home. I have no idea what they are worth, so I populated the insurance report with images and what I knew about them and sent it right off to my insurance agent.  She had me get several items appraised, we donated a few others, and we adjusted my homeowner policy.

(Karen S., San Francisco)

Be sure, use your cheaters!

Some of us need reading glasses. Before sending any reports out I email them directly to me through the app. I print it, mark it up and then go back into the app to make edits. This way everything stays up to date and accurate.

(Sean M., Chicago)


Not just for houses!

Manage My Things can go well beyond just homes. In the “homes” section, using the + button, try adding “Storage Unit” “Boat” or even “Tack Room” if you’re a horse lover!

(Beth, Bozeman, MT)

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