Uses and Features

Is the Manage My Things app right for you?  Here’s a description of some of the many uses and features.

For security and privacy reasons, as well as keeping your data accurate, we built ManageMyThings to operate on a single mobile device that you select.  The data you collect actually lives within the app on the device that has the subscription.  Over time, as the app evolves, we’ll have a web-based component so you’ll be able to view and work on populating your reports from other devices.

Complete your estate plan

Complete your estate plan & track the things you want to leave to your heirs. When you sign-up for Manage My Things you type in specific contacts, such as your estate planning attorney if you have one. When you use the app, you specify which things go to which heir. Whenever you’re ready, a simple PDF report is emailed to your attorney directly through the app and it becomes an addendum to your will. Don’t worry, you can always change your mind on things, the app keeps everything organized and reports are amended every time you log in and make changes. We even created a “Resolution” folder so if heirs dispute a specific item or you haven’t decided who gets that special thing, you can isolate it in that folder and continue your planning.  You can go back any time and settle any disagreements.

Insurance can be complicated at best and risky if disaster strikes. Create a simple inventory report of your valuable things and send it to your broker to make sure you have enough coverage. Because if a disaster strikes, you want to be properly covered without hassle.

inventory report of valuable things
800 Got Junk report

Every home is cluttered with things that are ready to go.  You can create a “discard” inventory report and send it directly to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and they’ll contact you with an estimate and send a truck to get your things based on your schedule. You will both know exactly what they are picking up. Simple convenience.

Downsizing your home or that of an aging parent? We’ve pre-programmed the app to send a donation report directly to Habitat For Humanity. Prefer a different charity? You can also decide which one you’d like to support with your hard-good donations.

Downsizing your home
Time Capsule

We’ve built into the app a feature to help manage your things well into the future. The  “Time Capsule” folder is where you take photos of precious family things, maybe valuable in memory only, and you type in the story behind it so it’s remembered well into the future.

For an annual subscription of $9.99 Manage My Things is the easiest way to simplify your life


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*Each subscriber will have their data securely back-up through Amazon Web Services (AWS)


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